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We made web3 hiring easy for NFT creators. Helping you save time while ensuring you hire experienced, professional, and trust worthy teams. Verified Elite NFT Academy members will receive a 10% discount on all services.

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Build Discord Server

Price: 2.5 ETH

Get a fully built out discord server for your NFT project in just 48-72 hours.  All discords will be secured with the same quality as our security audits, including the standard bots set up to ensure the safety and reputation of your project's discord. Project specific customizations for your discord can be added at the time of setup but must be made known upfront. Schedule a call with our team down below.

Secure Discord
Bot Setup
2-3 Day Delivery
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Keep Your Community Protected

Price: 2.0 ETH

Guarantee your project's discord is secure with a Discord Security Audit. Our team will go through your project's discord top to bottom to ensure the proper security settings are enabled and set up correctly. Once the audit is complete, we will send you a written report of any problems or liabilities found during the audit. Our team will be on call in case any problems or questions arise after the audit is complete.

Improve Your Discord
Eliminate Hackers & Bots
Written Audit Report
Setup Discord Settings
Educate Your Team
Ask Us Questions
Schedule Meeting

Ensure Your Smart Contract is Mint Ready

Price: 2.0 ETH

Smart Contract Auditing: Allow our team of experienced devs who have worked with 15 + projects to go through your smart contract and eliminate any vulnerabilities or problems that could jeopardize your project. Ensure your smart contract is secure from hackers and optimized to keep gas fees low. Any problems or security issues found will be sent to you in a written report and fixed.

Smart Contract Audit
Secure From Hackers
Keep Gas Fees Low
Experienced Dev Team
Get A Written Report
Get Contract Mint Ready
Schedule Meeting

Hire Full Mod Team

Price: 5 ETH

Get a fully trained and experienced mod team to handle the day to day operations of running your Discord server. Our mods will work on all project tasks and ensure the quality of your discord server by representing your project in a positive manner.

Fully Trained & Experienced
Proficiency in 10+ Languages
Security Conscious
Salary Paid By Us
Positive Representation
Handle Day to Day Operations
Schedule Meeting

Custom Bot System

Price: TBD

Fully custom bots built to meet your project's needs. From sales bots to verification gates, our custom bots are designed to increase efficiency and keep your project organized. Let our custom bots make your life easier by optimizing your time.

Full Customization
Sales Bots
Increase Effeciency
Verification Gates
Stay Organized
Improve Project Security
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Whitelist Marketplace

Price: TBD

Get a branded marketplace with an easy to navigate UI and a backend panel for you to handle the sales. Schedule WL sale or raffle out tickets for a NFT/Alpha Pass giveaway. Feel like you need more ? A custom marketplace is what you need. Schedule a meeting and be ready with your list of requirements and we shall have it done!

Branded Marketplace
Fully Built Out
Increase Project Utility
User Friendly
High Quality Design
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All services have been personally vetted and verified by Crypto Brando & TheBrettWay