Level: Intermediate
Videos: 60
Length: 5hr 42min


Welcome to Academy! Here we will cover what to expect before creating a NFT project as well as understanding the NFT market and how it differs from Web 2.

Overview of NFT's

It's important to understand what makes a project successful. Here, we will take a deep dive into NFTs and walk you through examples of good projects vs bad projects.

Getting Started

Let's talk about the steps you need to take in order to have the right foundation in place before building your project. Understanding these key aspects will help you avoid costly mistakes that could cause your project to fail. Learn from the mistakes of others, don't repeat them.

Building & Hiring Team

Having the right team in place is important when building a successful project. Unless you are a 1/1 artist, you will need a team to handle the day to day functions of your project while you concentrate on building long term value for your holders

Marketing Your NFT Project

Marketing is arguably one of, if not the most important aspect of building a successful project. How you convey your project message & mission is crucial when it comes to building a strong community. What worked in Web 2 will not work in Web 3. Learn proven marketing strategies & tactics that you can implement into your own project.

Community Building

NFTs & Web 3 revolve heavily around community since it's the foundation for long term success in the space. Learn the benefits of a strong community and how to build one that will help convey your project mission & message to more people.

Mint Day Preparation

Mint Day is by far the most important and most stressful day of project building. Any delays, miscommunication, or development problems can ruin your project's reputation and destroy the entire project as a whole. Here, we lay out how to prepare for the big day by walking you through mint day expectations and how to avoid problems from arising.

Dissecting Discord

Discord is where direct communication with your community takes place and is the heart beat of your project. Learn how to configure a discord that's easy to use and organized for new members as well as your team.

Keep Learning