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A proven Fast-Track Program dedicated to help you Build, Mint, and Sellout your very own NFT Project while joining an exclusive network of Top NFT Creators and Experts.

Supply Drop #2 Mint: 500 Supply - Whitelist Completed
*Public Mint is To Be Announced
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Ownership of the Elite NFT Academy Pass grants NFT creators access to an exclusive step-by-step blueprint to building projects. With a limited supply of only 3,000 Elite Passes, consisting of 6 total 500 supply drops.

As you know building, marketing, and launching an NFT project is not easy and extremely overwhelming. To make it even worse the NFT space is so new their presents little to no educational content online that can walk you through the entire process of building a project step-by-step.

The Elite NFT Academy was created for this exact reason, to help project creators like yourself build successful NFT projects by following a proven fast-track system.

A Proven Roadmap to Creating a Successful NFT Project

Get access to a wide variety of resources and educational content to advance your skills and guarantee success building in the NFT space. It's everything you need to know, in one place, to sell out your NFT project!

Network with like-minded individuals, build teams, access training content, templates, resources, and change the trajectory of your life.

We’ve had over a dozen successful projects use this same blueprint to sellout and generate millions in revenue… are you going to be next?

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Pre Mint

Open the Public NFT Academy Networking Discord and announce details for the Elite NFT Academy Pass such as price, supply, total supply, and available supply on Drop #1.

Mint day

1. Drop #1 Mint Requirements: Must own a Magic Mushroom Clubhouse NFT to mint (Wallet Verification Required)

2. Official Mint Date: January 26th at 3:00pm EST (mint will be open for 72 hours or until sold out)

3. We will be minting a reserve of 100 NFT Academy Passes to be used for giveaways, marketing, scholarships, and rewards to active free Academy members (this reserve will be pulled from total supply not including Drop #1)

Post mint - week #1

At the completion of mint drop #1 the Elite NFT Academy Roadmap Begins (72 hours after mint live)

1. Holders will be granted access to the private Elite NFT Academy Discord channels and resources (wallet verification required)

2. The Official Academy schedule will be announced (Weekly AMA’s, Live Training Sessions, Small Group Calls, etc)

3. The Sign Up Form to get on the list for Small Group Calls will be available Sunday the 30th

4. Training Videos will be available online Monday the 31st (wallet verification required)

5.  will announce the first ever NFT Academy in-person event March 1st


After the completion of Post Mint, once all initial resources, training videos, and the schedule is available, we will focus on making the Academy even more valuable by acting on our holders' feedback, training suggestions, and recommendations.

Our goal is to provide the most relevant information and we will do this by updating, improving, or adding more resources, training videos, and creating new channels… This will never end, it’ll only get better!

Million Dollar Mint Club

Reap the benefits and join the exclusive million dollar mint club consisting of the most successful creators in the NFT space.

The award is given to individuals in our elite NFT academy community who are able to sell out a mint and generate over $1,000,000 in revenue.

Network with some of the most successful and determined creators in the industry to bring your game to the next level.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Mint Price?

Mint price for Supply Drop #2 will be 0.75 ETH. Only 500 applicants will be accepted to mint.

When is Mint?

Supply Drop #2 Whitelist Mint will be begin at 12:00pm PST (3:00pm EST) Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022. Public mint is still TBD.

What is the Supply and Available Supply?

The total supply is 3,000 but will be available in 6x different 500 supply drops

When will be the next 500 supply drop?

The next supply drop will be dictated by the success and results that come out of the community from the first 500 holders.

Can I mint more passes on future supply drops?

No, everyone will be given just 1 opportunity to mint! Once your Elite pass is minted you will not be able to mint with that wallet again, even on upcoming supply drops. Again we want a completely unique holder count, so we are doing everything in our ability to accomplish that.

What is the max per wallet and transaction?

One per wallet, our goal is to have a complete 100% unique holder count.

So... I got a pass, now what?

Post Mint once announced go to the NFT Academy Discord linked on this site, connect using CollabLand, and you’ll be on your way!

Do you need to be a Magic Mushroom Club Holder to mint?

No , you will not need to own a Magic Mushroom Club NFT to mint the 2nd supply drop.